Friends of Nella Dan (hereafter FND) collects and disseminates materials, knowledge and stories related to the polar ship MV Nella Dan. The material is published on a strictly non-commercial basis and solely with the purpose of promoting the association’s activities and projects with the overall goal of generating interest and sharing stories about Nella Dan and the shipping company J. Lauritzen’s other polar activities.

FND strives to ensure that the content on this website is inoffensive and factually accurate; however, FND does not guarantee the complete absence of inaccuracies (errors or omissions) in the online content.

FND makes personal accounts available as living testimony and recollections of Nella Dan, reflecting the role that the ship played in the individual narrator’s life. Thus, the website also contains accounts of personal experiences and recollections that may be difficult to verify today, some 30–50 years after the events.

FND is always interested in receiving additional knowledge, materials and stories to shed light on the facts but accepts no liability for any errors or omissions in the online content.

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The material was collected via the Facebook group ‘Friends of Nella Dan’, in cooperation with museums and several private and public archives and under the project ‘Nella Dan Archive’, which is supported by the Lauritzen Foundation.

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