News on board

The crew in Frozen Inn
Photo by Brian Jury

Everyday life on board

When as many as 90 very different people spend shorter or longer periods quartered in a four-tier space measuring 75 x 14 metres, they quickly develop into a miniature society that needs its own news medium. Clearly, no one can keep up to date with everything that is happening on board – and often, facts take on inflated proportions as they pass from person to person through the galley down to the sump, or from the engine room and into the saloon. Frozen Inn was always a good place to find company and a fresh supply of news during weeks at sea. But some of these news stories may have veered off the strictly fact-based path …

Hence, the on-board newspaper, which was usually put together by an ad-hoc editorial board and published at less than reliable intervals, cover the daily drama in feature stories displaying a degree of journalistic integrity and a devotion to truth that are worthy of a Pulitzer Prize.

Today, the paper offers an invaluable source of insight into everyday life on board the Nella Dan.