Using the film database

Conditions of use for film material

Friends of Nella Dan and Springeren – Maritime Experience Centre are happy to assist anyone interested in using material from the film database.

Most of the material is available for online use on Friends of Nella Dan’s YouTube channel. Material uploaded to the web is available as M4V and Mpeg4 files and is typically shown in 480p, since the bulk of the material comes from a 4:3 format. A small share of the material is also available in 720HD.

The archive includes digital copies and versions of the original material. The digital copies are in HD formats, such as 720 x 540 M4V files, MOV files and ProRes files.

All the material in the film database is under registered copyright, which restricts any further use of the material. If you are interested in using material from the archive, Friends of Nella Dan and Springeren can help you sort out any copyright issues and, when relevant, provide contact information for the copyright holder.

Rights and original materials do not become the property of the archive unless the owner explicitly signs over the rights to Friends of Nella Dan. In most cases, the original material has been returned to the owner after being digitized and registered in the archive.

All further use of materials from the Nella Dan Archive is subject to the rights associated with the material. Some material may not have been released for online use. Accessing and using material from the Nella Dan Archive is subject to prior arrangement with the board of Friends of Nella Dan or Springeren in Aalborg.

Collection, registration and digitization

We are still looking for unknown material to add to the archive. We collect this material with the purpose of preserving it for posterity and making it accessible to new projects that bring the stories about Nella Dan to a wider audience.

During the first year, a considerable amount of material has already been registered and digitized, but our goal is to keep the archive alive and developing over the coming years.

The archive is therefore based on an online database platform that makes it possible to access and contribute to the archive from any location in the world. Everyone with knowledge and interest is invited to contribute to the expansion of the archive.

We still need to recover and register any film material that exists in private storage around the world. Film is a fragile material. Thus, we have an ongoing focus on securing old celluloid footage (for example, 8 mm, Super 8 and 16 mm) and video tapes (for example, VHS and U-matic) before they decay with age.

The Nella Dan Archive offers to cover the costs involved in digitizing the material.

The the film database/the Nella Dan Archive is supported by Lauritzen Fonden.

Contact to the Nella Dan Archive:


Friends of Nella Dan

c/o Springeren – Maritimt Oplevelsescenter

Vestre Fjordvej 81

DK-9000 Aalborg

T: +45 98 78 11 03


We need your help

Time destroys all things, so we need your help to review films in the database in order to identify and register individuals and events on board. Most of the films come without speech or sound, so it can be difficult to identify the individuals and events featured in the clips. Long sequences are largely self-explanatory, but sometimes there may be something to add, something that calls for elaboration – or maybe a sailor’s yarn … :o)

For example, what was the story behind …

  • the line-crossing ceremony on board Nella Dan?
  • the kangaroo in the steward’s cabin?
  • the visit to Scoresbysund to carry polar bears to Aalborg?
  • the VW Beetle that was shipped to the Antarctic?

Or …

  • What are the vessels that were used for discharging and landing the cargo?
  • What helicopters were used on board?
  • What was the plane that crashed during landing on the ice in 1965?

If you recognize someone in a film or have a story about events shown in a clip, we would love to year from you. If you are up for it, as a member of the association you can have online access to the archive and get directly involved in helping us develop the archive.

Ready for the line-crossing ceremony in 1987
Unloading VW Beetles in Antarctica in 1963.