Charts on board

Keeping course in rough seas

The ocean south of Australia is truly vast. From the initial departure from Hobart, Tasmania, at approximately 42 degrees south to arrival in the Antarctic at around 66 degrees south, there is nothing but water all the way. An unfathomable amount of water.

During every single season in Nella Dan’s 27-year history, the roaring forties and the furious fifties took the little red ship on a wild ride. Over and over again, she was put through the wringer before reaching shelter by the ice below the 60th latitude. Stories from crew members and, perhaps especially, the guests travelling on Nella Dan are testimony that a trip through the spin cycle in the southern waters was an experience that called for a strong constitution, a good sense of balance and sturdy inner organs.

The annual plotting of the voyages between Australia and Antarctica offer a glimpse of the many memorable events over the given season – for better and worse (Click on the charts to see full-size images).