Lauritzen News

A magazine for a global company

From 1981, the Lauritzen Group’s international magazine, ‘Lauritzen News’, replaces the publication ‘Frivagten’ (Off Watch).

After Knud Lauritzen’s death in 1977 and the effort to develop and globalize the group, the switch to an English-language publication also marks a change in outlook in the 1980s.

The Lauritzen Group fleet changes significantly, with a much greater emphasis on off-shore operations. The company acquired two new polar ships back in 1973 (Linda Dan and Bamsa Dan) to sail cargo to Greenland for KGH, the later KNI (KGH: Kongelige Grønlandske Handel or Royal Greenland Trade Department; KNI: Kalaallit Niuerfiat or Greenland Trade). However, although the polar activities that had defined the company so clearly during the 1950s and 1960s had become an reputable and valued niche, in real terms it no longer represents a future business potential.

Thus, when Thala Dan is sold to a Brazilian buyer in 1981, Nella Dan is the last remaining of the original polar supply and expedition ships in the Lauritzen fleet.

Below, you find articles and other information related to Nella Dan published in Lauritzen News after 1981.

Nella Dan beset during the season of 1985/86.
Cover of Lauritzen News, no. 117, Oct. 1986.